2015 Crime and Arrest Statistics
2015 Statistical Changes
1-1-15 Rename Statistical Codes 181, 184, and 185 as follows:
181 - Felony Transportation and/or Sales of a Controlled Substance (except Marijuana).
184 - Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance (excluding Marijuana).
185 - Misdemeanor Possession of a Controlled Substance (excluding Marijuana).
Statistical Code changes needed due to new laws for Proposition 47.
3-6-15 New Reporting District 1498 for Parks Bureau.
(Hacienda Heights Community Center)
New location.
3-6-15 New narcotics team, L.A. Impact Group 23, Reporting District 3669, and Arrest Agency Code. New team added to Headquarters Narcotics Bureau.
3-20-15 Modify Stat Code 609 to read "All Others." The modification of Statistical Code 609 description will resolve Reasonable Cause Arrest reports that now fall under Proposition 47.
7-22-15 New Reporting District 2217 for Parks Bureau.
("Browns Canyon Project")
New location.
7-23-15 Add Reporting Districts for Gold Line Extension: 6529, 6531, 6533, 6535, 6537, 6539, 6559. Maintain continuity of the Reporting District assignment plan that has been established at Transit Policing Division.
10-20-15 Create Non-Criminal Statistical Code 692 Contraband Watch for Custody. Incident tracking.
10-20-15 Create LEA Code 2016 for Internal Monitoring, Performance Audits and Accountability Command (IMPAAC) & LEA Code 2017 for Audit & Accountability Bureau. Incident tracking.
11-23-15 Change Transit Services Bureau to Transit Policing Division. Reassign Agency Identifiers: Transit Policing Division Hq. 6000 (Formerly Blue Line), Central Operations Bureau 6890, Transit Bureau North 6870, Transit Bureau South 6850, Metrolink Bureau unchanged. A new Division created and subsequent reorganization of the Division Bureaus from functional to geographical.
12-3-15 Assign Agency Arrest Code 3200 for Human Trafficking Bureau; Assign new Reporting District 3200. New Bureau.

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