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AB 109

What is Realignment?

Realignment was passed in to law by the Governor of California and became effective on October 1, 2011. It allows some sentenced inmates to remain in the county jails instead of going to State prison. It also changed some of the rules for parole.

Who goes to prison and who stays?

If you were convicted of a non-serious, non-violent, or non-sex charge and you do not have a prior conviction of a serious or violent felony, or required to register as a sex offender, then you will remain in the Los Angeles County Jail System and serve your time here. All others will be sent to State Prison to be housed. This decision is determined by the courts during your sentencing. To find out if you will remain in county jail or go to prison, please contact your attorney.

If you are a parole violator, then you will serve your entire violation in the county jail. PAROLE VIOLATORS WILL NO LONGER GO TO PRISON. Since you will remain in the Los Angeles County Jail, you will no longer receive gate money upon release.

How many credits do I get now?

Anyone sentenced after October 1, 2011, will receive a day-for-day credit. For example, if you receive a two-year sentence, you will only serve one year. You will receive credits for your entire time in custody (including pre-sentence time). Parole violators also receive the same credits. For example, if you receive a 180-day revocation (which is now the maximum term) you will serve 90 days. Currently, inmates sentenced under AB 109 are NOT receiving early releases.

Can I go to fire camp?

If you have a sentence of two or more years, you may be eligible to live and work at a fire camp. The Sheriff's Department will be taking over several camps in the near future. Those eligible will receive two-days credit for every one day served.

AB 109
AB 109

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