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50 TTCF Graduates50 Twin Towers Jail Inmates Graduate MERIT with Life Skills & GED's
Fifty male inmates at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles were presented with Life Skills and General Educational Development (GED) certificates by Sheriff Lee Baca during graduation ceremonies held on Thursday, April 11, 2013, inside the jail. Two inmates also received their high school diplomas.
LASDSTARInmate Mother of 3 Takes Advantage of Education Classes while Incarcerated
Century Regional Detention Facility Inmate Mother Takes Advantage of Education Classes while Incarcerated and Improves her Reading Level, Earns Life Skills Certificate and 2 parenting Certificates
MCJ Graduation120 Men's Central Jail Inmates Graduate Sheriff's Education Based Incarceration MERIT Program with LIfe Skills Certificates, GED's, and High School Diplomas
120 male inmates at the Men's Central Jail Facility in Los Angeles were presented with Life Skills, Plumbing, Computer, Art Appreciation and Parenting Certificates. Several graduates also received General Educational Development (GED) certificates and High School Diploma's by Sheriff Lee Baca during graduation ceremonies held on Tuesday June 4, 2013, inside the jail.
Neck Tattoo RemovalSheriff's Tattoo Removal Program Helps Offer Inmates a Clean Slate
Inmates in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department have the opportunity to participate in a tattoo removal program. Tattoos were once considered permanent, but are now possible to remove them using laser treatments. The tattoo program utilizes the latest technology in tattoo removal and it has been a great success.
healthright 360Community Based Alternatives to Custody Treatment Services
In July of 2013, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Education Based Incarceration Bureau’s Community Transition Unit (CTU) implemented the Women’s Pilot Project. This project identifies low risk female inmates who have participated in EBI in custody programs through a comprehensive assessment process and matches them to community-based programs that best address their specific needs.
EBI LaOpinion1-S.bmpFemale Inmates Celebrate Graduation Behind Bars
Female Inmates from Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, finalize their studies and look toward a brighter future Under maximum security, and without the presence of relatives or friends, 85 inmates from the CenturyRegional Detention Center yesterday lived a very special moment in their lives: graduated from MERIT educational program.
TheSignalSantaClarityValleyPitchess East graduates first EBI class
Five dozen inmates at the Pitchess Detention Center proudly took the jail’s podium Thursday as the East facility's first graduating class from the Sheriff Department’s newly launched Education Based Incarceration program.
HandcuffOfWaistChainA Few Words About Recidivism and Safer Jails
Recidivism. At first glance, the word seems easy enough to define. Upon closer inspection, however, we begin to realize that the word resembles an onion, whose layers must be painstakingly removed, on by one. While researching this publication, it became clear that the word recidivism can mean a great many things to a great many people.
hands-behind-barsMaximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation - MERIT
From Law Enforcement ... In the wake of a state budget crisis, LASD isn’t giving up, especially when it comes to the housing of the new “state” inmates commonly referred to as AB109ers. Click to read more from this article.
MERIT-GRAD09102009TY0282 Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation What Do You Do for Los Angeles County Inmates?
One of LASDs exemplary programs is Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation, also known as the MERIT program. This program is overseen by the Education Based Incarceration Bureau (EBI
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