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Custody Services Division - Specialized Programs


Custody Services Division Specialized Programs is looking forward to future progression and is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in constitutional jailing and correction security. Our "Tradition of Service" will continue into the future with the development of technology and the implementation of programs that benefit the community, inmate population, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The Specialized Programs Division consists of the following wide and varied group of facilities, bureaus and units:


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number: (213) 893-5100

The facility is located in Los Angeles, California and is operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The facility consists of Twin Towers, a correctional treatment center and the LAC+USC Hospital Jail Ward. The 1.5 million square foot complex was opened in 1997.


11705 S. Alameda Street

Lynwood, CA 90262

Main Number: (323) 568-4500

Constructed in 1994, CRDF is currently the Los Angeles County Sheriff's only all-female custody facility housing in excess of 2,000 inmates. This self-sufficient facility runs its own step-down mental housing areas, various education-based incarceration programs and maintains a female and male booking area. The facility motto is "Excellence through people."


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number: (866) 806-8773 or (213) 473-6569

The Medical Services Bureau is the largest correctional medical services provider in the nation, employing over than 1,000 nurses and 50 providers in the Los Angeles County Jail system. All individuals in custody with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department requesting or requiring medical services will be treated with respect and dignity, and the highest level of care will be provided.


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number (213) 473-2999

Sheriff Baca's vision of education-based incarceration aims to reduce recidivism in Los Angeles County by offering universal educational opportunities to all inmates who express an interest in learning. Sheriff Baca states, "People agree that education is a better option than incarceration education-based incarceration creates a safe and empowering environment, conducive to learning and self-retrospection; it allows the offenders to reprioritize their lives and opt for success!"


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number: (213) 893-5878

How does the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department pay for the majority of inmate services it provides? The inmates themselves provide the primary funding which is generated through vending machine, commissary, and telephone contracts. California Penal Code Section 4025 (e) states that all profits into the Inmate Welfare Fund shall be expended "primarily for the benefit, education, and welfare of the inmates confined within the jail." The Bureau oversees and provides an accurate accounting of all Inmate Welfare Fund expenditures, as well as diligence in seeking innovative pilot programs to help the inmate population.


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number: (213) 893-5109

The Food Services Unit is a vital and integral operation within the Custody Services Division. The unit is tasked with the feeding of more than 16,000 inmates and thousands of staff. It prepares more than 76,000 meals daily, which is more than 27 million meals a year! In addition, FSU provides meals to more than twenty-seven contracted police stations and schools.


450 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Main Number: (213) 974-8066 or (213) 473-1742

The Jail Mental Evaluation Team is a partnership between Custody and Mental Health personnel established to identify and provide proper care for inmates housed in non-mental health housing areas of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The JMET teams oversee inmates in the L.A. basin area and the Pitchess Detention Center complex. Deputies see approximately 5,000 inmates a month. JMET teams are vital to identifying those persons who are in need of mental health treatment or counseling.

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