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About Inmate Services Bureau (ISB)

May 9, 2016

Inmate Services Bureau is part of Custody Services Division, Specialized Programs, and is under the command of Assistant Division Director Karen S. Dalton. As the Assistant Division Director for the Inmate Services Bureau, Dr. Dalton serves as an executive appointee to the Inmate Welfare Commission, a 12-member commission appointed by Sheriff McDonnell to make recommendations on the expenditures of the Inmate Welfare Fund. Revenues from the Inmate Welfare Fund are generated through inmate commissary, vending, and telephone contracts. In turn, those funds are spent on the welfare and benefit of the inmates. The Jail Enterprise Unit and Jail Mental Health Programs are also under the command of Dr. Dalton.

Established in 1951, the Inmate Welfare Commission consists of volunteers appointed by the Sheriff to oversee Inmate Welfare Fund expenditures. They make recommendations to the Sheriff regarding funding for education, recreation, vocational training, community transition, and other projects that contribute to the welfare and benefit of the inmates.

The Jail Enterprise Unit oversees vocational shops located at several jail facilities. Inmates learn skills which can be utilized in the workforce. The Jail Enterprise Unit liaisons with the following shops and programs: Print Shop, Wood Shop, Wheelchair Repair Shop, Sew Shop, Sign Shop, Bike Shop, Plastic Bag Manufacturing, Commercial Embroidery, Pet Grooming, Commercial Landscaping, Plant Nursery, Landscaping, and Grounds Keeping. Revenue generated from these programs is deposited into the Inmate Welfare Fund to be used for the education and benefit of inmates.

Jail Mental Health programs are also under Assistant Division Director Dalton's command. Jail Mental Evaluation Teams (JMET), consisting of a deputy sheriff and a mental health specialist identify inmates throughout the jail system requesting, or displaying behaviors needing further mental health attention. Current efforts are under way to design and build a new mental health and medical facility that will collectively address the special needs of the mentally ill inmates in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Jail Mental Health Evaluation Teams address the needs of mentally ill inmates within the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Each JMET team consists of one deputy and one mental health clinician. The primary responsibility of the JMET teams is to identify mentally ill inmates who may be in need of attention to address their special needs. Assistant Division Director Dalton also serves as a liaison to the Department of Mental Health by overseeing various programs that serve the mental health needs of inmates throughout the jail system.

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