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From The Heart... Stories of Thanks and Redemption

Captain Bornman,

As a partner with the LASD Community Transition Unit, I am pleased, well, actually super pleased to report that two women who were given the opportunity to fulfill part-time work for a local florist during the Valentine rush and were subsequently hired with full-time employment as a result of their stellar work ethic.

Sgt. Garcia contacted me several weeks ago asking if some of the GOGI graduates would be interested in this part time work. I made contact with the employer and empowered my former GOGI Campus President to fill the 6-8 minimum wage temporary spots.

We are proud to be an LASD partner and happy Sgt. Garcia knew we could deliver. We are reducing the re-arrest rates by our partnership.

Please tell Sgt. Garcia the women are grateful. CTU is a very important part of the Sheriff's vision for our county because IT WORKS!!!!!

-GOGI volunteer

February 2013

I attended The Merit Program at Pitchess Detention Center Jan 24, 2013, for my husband's graduation. It was great to see you, I was sitting in the counselor area by accident, 2nd row back with a black jacket; anyhow I was very pleased with this program and how you are at the front lines giving our inmates another chance at life. I was very touched by your speech to all the inmates, it was almost a father to son talk. I want you to know from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You Sheriff Baca!" In case You didn't know somebody appreciates the job you do, Deputy Bates, please thank him too. I was amazed at the reaction the inmates displayed toward all the deputies. The energy in the air seemed so strong; it made me forget we were ' at a jail facility graduation ceremony. I hope this gets forwarded to you... I hope you can reply so I know you received this. I hesitated to write thinking you probably wouldn't get this, but imagine if we all thought that way. We would never spread our appreciation to people who deserve it.

- Parent of MERIT Graduate

February 2013

We the men of MERIT would like to thank Sheriff Lee Baca, Chief Yim, Senior Bates, Commander Cooper and the entire Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the MERIT staff with our deepest gratitude.

I have been given this golden opportunity to be a part of this powerful program "BREAKING HISTORY" through MERIT. I feel the program is helping mend a tarnished past between the Sheriff's Department and county jail inmates.

As I stand before you today with renewed faith instilled by the many programs facilitators, like Rudy who has helped mold me to the new man I am today. Thank you so much Rudy, Tom, James, Liz and Marcia.

When the time comes for me to be released back into society I plan to take my new way of positive thinking and be a productive citizen to my community. I am a former student of MERIT and I'm honored to have been a part of "BREAKING HISTORY". Thank you and GOD bless.

-Former Inmate

February 2013

"Gentlemen Ramon was in MCJ MERIT from March December 2012. He learned to type in MERIT. Today, he started a full time job at a prestigious Beverly Hills Entertainment Law Firm, making $50,000/year plus medical and dental. They gave him a test run the last two weeks and he passed. In suit and tie. He would not be employed if it wasn't for the MERIT classes. Amazing story.

As you know Ramon has been engaged at (Firm name) over the past two weeks as an unpaid intern. During this time, Ramon has performed very well. He has an excellent work ethic, he arrives early every day, he is prepared, bright, professional in his appearance and conduct, learns quickly and is willing to do everything asked of him. Ramon has an excellent disposition, he remains calm under pressure and he has made a very positive impression on everyone he has interacted with.

After careful consideration of the above, today (Firm name) officially offered full time employment to Ramon. We are delighted that Ramon has accepted the offer. Ramon will finish out the week as an unpaid intern and will start as an official full time employee on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. As a condition of employment, Ramon has agreed to enroll in and complete two college level English classes this Spring Semester. He will take classes at night. We expect Ramon will remain in college continuously while employed here. We are very excited to have Ramon at the Company. We believe he will be an asset to the company, our culture and the service we provide. Best."

-Managing partner of Firm

January 2013

"After entering the education dorm, classes and codes of conduct were initiated to keep peace and provide a place where change from destructive bad behaviors could begin. We forget that a bad attitude, drugs, anger, stealing, not listening to others and not wanting to be a better person all contribute to the cycle of incarceration. It did for me. You changed my life, very profoundly for the better, and I will continue to use and pass on this new information I gained from you and EBI to anyone who will listen to me, especially friends and loved ones."

-Former Inmate

January 2013

"The amount of joy I get from working with the inmates is beyond words. All I can say is that it puts the biggest smile back on my face and love in my heart. When you go through a lot of pain, sometimes you forget how to smile, so thank you for helping me find my smile and love again."

-Current EBI Volunteer

January 2013

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything. It's been very hectic on my side with work and all, but I thought I should give you an update. I have custody of my son. Wow! I can't express to you enough, that I really appreciate all that you have taught me. Not only do I have my son, I've also received a promotion at work and I'm looking into buying a house for my family before spring time. Thank you so much and God Bless."

-Former Inmate

January 2013

Contact Information:

Education Based Incarceration Bureau - (213) 473-2999

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