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EBI Programs at South FacilityThe Education-Based Incarceration program was developed by Sheriff Baca to provide a wide variety of educational opportunities to all inmates incarcerated in the Los Angeles County jail. PDC South Fac
A Typical Day At SouthRecently I asked an inmate what he thought his friends and family at home would look for on the Sheriff’s Department web site. “Besides visiting hours and how to add money to an inmate’s books,” I asked
Father and Child Bonding Through Returning HeartsWhen you think of jail, images of barbeques and bounce houses probably do not come to mind. You probably don't think of inmate fathers spending time with their children in a carnival atmosphere, talking and
Housing Needs through Community Based OrganizationsThe Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has a variety of community based organizations that provide aid for housing needs or temporary housing beds and referral to inmates upon release from our custody facilities.
How Inmates Feel - Education Based Incarceration M.E.R.I.T. ProgramInmates from Pitchess Detention Center, South Facility, describe how their lives have been changed for the better. Click below to view. .....
How Inmate Sentencing works with Good Time and Work Time Release CreditsA brief explaination of how sentencing works when given release credits for Good Time or Work Time.
South Facility's Military PersonnelAt South, we want to recognize our current and former military members. Thank you for your service to our great country. Currently at South we have: 6 Deputies, Active Marines and Marines
Loads and LoadsMost of us do our own laundry, and having clean clothes to wear is something we frequently take for granted. But when people are housed inside a jail, the issue of how we get clean clothes to everyone
Grooming A CareerAmong the many programs under the EBI umbrella are the vocational shops at PDC South. These classes are run by LA Works and teach LA County inmates many different vocational trades. One of the trades
Prison or Jail? What is AB109?What is Realignment? QUICK FACTS - Credits are now day for day (half-time). - No early release for AB-109 inmates. - Parole violators no longer go to state prison. - No gate money for parole vi
Toyland and the EBI ProgramInmates who participate in the EBI Program have the opportunity to learn a trade. One of those trades is woodworking. Taught by LA Works instructors, the PDC Vocational Wood Shop is intended to give i
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Title 15 - Allowable Inmate PropertyThe items listed below are acceptable for possession by male inmates, the quantity is not specified; however; it must conform with Custody Division Manual, section 5-06/050.00 ...
VINE ProgramVINE is a free, anonymous, computer-based telephone program that provides victims of crime two important services: information and notification.
Prison Rape Elimination ActThe Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a federal law established to address the elimination and prevention of sexual assault and rape in correctional systems. PREA applies to all federal, state, and local prisons, jails, police lock-ups, private facilities, and community settings such as residential facilities.
LA County Court InformationLooking for a real-time report on the status of your case, or did you recently get a "Fix-It" ticket? Follow this link to obtain information from the LA County Court Services Division.
CA Superior CourtThe Los Angeles Superior Court is dedicated to resolving and recording legal matters while upholding the following values: Fairness - Administer individual justice in individual cases and treat all people with respect and dignity. Accessibility - Equally serve all
Inmate Commissary and Care PackagesKeefe Commissary is Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's provider for Inmate Store items. Keefe Commissary visits each Jail Facility once per week to deliver the items ordered by inmates.
Inmate Marriage RegulationsPursuant to Penal Code section 2601, all inmates have the right to marry. Since, the safety and security of inmates, custodial personnel, custody facilities, and the public, are of paramount concern, in situations wherein an inmate has requested to marry the following procedures shall be followed when an inmate requests to marry:
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