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From the Archives - an Adjudicated CaseLASD Sheriff's Homicide Detectives Clark/ Fredendall The defendant was convicted and received 51 years to life.
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Forensic Services for DetectivesA list of services for LASD Detectives. For outside agencies, we extend professional courtesy with forensic composites.
Facial ReconstructionsGetting skeletal remains identified through a skull reconstruction can help to kick start your case. There are two kinds of facial reconstructions. 3D is where clay is applied to the skull to fill out and complete the image. 2D is the version that is drawn, working from photographs taken of the skull with the markers on, to complete the image. The 2D is a faster method and depending on the circumstances of the skull, may be preferable.
Getting a Composite Done - GuidelinesWhen should I get a drawing done? Don't necessarily wait on doing a drawing until it's your last option. This guideline will assist in assessing the witness or victim's ability to describe. Composites are information-generating tools and in many instances, are never released to the public, but instead eliminate or corroborate information you already have.
Composite Lighting ComparisonLighting and other issues can affect how a suspect looks in comparison photos. Taking this into account is vital when evaluating a drawing and comparing the booking photo. Getting a DMV or another reference photo can be helpful.
Composite ComparisonAny suspect can have multiple looks so it is important to take this into account. Check different photographs or images to really get a good comparison. What your witness saw may not be what he looks like now.
From the Archives - an Adjudicated CaseThis 2010 attack occurred at Point Dume State Park. The victim decided to plunge over a 100' cliff to escape her attacker and survived. In this case, DNA ultimately identified the suspect. The victim did an outstanding in describing to the LASD forensic artist and the final drawing was supporting corroboration for the case. View the comparison for yourself.
Video Approximation used in caseThe last of five defendants in a violent 2004 robbery spree that left two men dead could face the death penalty. A jury convicted him of 21 charges including two counts of murder with special circumstances.
More from the ArchivesThis was a 2009 Special Victims Bureau case involving the kidnap and rape of a minor. With in hours of the incident, a witness, upon viewing the composite, was able to point out the suspect to the investigating detectives as he had not yet left the area. The suspect was subsequently arrested. He was convicted and received a sentence of 25 years.
The Art of Forensic Art CommunicationA jury convicts two defendants in a violent 2011 rape/kidnap. This case went cold until a DNA hit revived it. DNA identified these suspects, the Forensic drawings convinced the jury that the victim was sincere.
Forensic Art at the ICI Homicide and Death Investigation CourseForensic Art is one the topics in this Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) course. Understanding this key resource is an advantage for any investigator and can assist your case.
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