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Housing Needs through Community Based OrganizationsThe Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has a variety of community based organizations that provide aid for housing needs or temporary housing beds and referral to inmates upon release from our custody facilities.
How Inmate Sentencing works with Good Time and Work Time Release CreditsA brief explaination of how sentencing works when given release credits for Good Time or Work Time.
VIDEO: Watch an introduction to CRDF on LASD's YouTube channel!Video introduction to the Century Regional Detention Facility and its inmate programs.
Ask the Captain ProgramCRDF is launching its “Ask the Captain” email program, in which inmate loved ones and general members of the public can send their questions and concerns to CRDF Captain Joseph Nunez. “I hope
Virgen de Guadalupe Peregrina Religious Service Held at Century Regional Detention FacilityOn Sunday morning, November 17, 2013 the Catholic Chaplains conducted a special service for the female inmates at Century Regional Detention Facility. The chaplains brought the (Virgen de Guadalupe Pe
Los Angeles County Inmates Continue Holiday Tradition of Fashioning Handcrafted Toys for ChildrenIn a program which began over 53 years ago, male and female inmates housed within the Los Angeles County jail system have, once again, worked the entire year to make the Holiday Season more memorable
Sheriff's & Action Committee for Women in Prison distribute 2,000 Holiday Gift Bags to Female InmatesOn Friday, December 20, 2013 the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, in conjunction with the Action Committee for Women in Prison Project (ACWIP), delivered over 2000 Christmas packages for women
63 Inmates Sign Letter Thanking LASD Deputy For Saving Life of Choking CellmateInmates were eating their dinner Thursday evening at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF) when Deputy Kristen Aufdemberg noticed an inmate who appeared to be choking on her food and having difficulty breathing.
CRDF Hosts Its First Inmate Family and Community Program meetingOn September 16th, 2013, Century Regional Detention Facility held its first Inmate Family and Community Program meeting. Captain Joseph Nunez, along with Sheriff Lee Baca and representatives from vari
Program Reunites Female Inmates with Their ChildrenNearly every Saturday, 12 qualified female inmates from Century Regional Detention Facility are reunited with their children for four hours. The Adults Bonding with Children (ABC) program allows inmat
CRDF Inmates Celebrate Graduation Behind Bars Female Inmates from Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, finalize their studies and look toward a brighter future.
An Introduction to EBI at CRDFHere at CRDF, Education-Based Incarceration is transforming how female inmates are being incarcerated by giving them access to furthering their education and vocational skills, which has been scientif
M.E.R.I.T. (Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation): What Does It Do for Los Angeles County Inmates?One of LASD's exemplary programs is Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation, also known as the MERIT program. This program is overseen by the Education Based Incarceration Bureau (EBI).
Inmates make over 1,000 blankets for the communityInmates at Century Regional Detention Facility are giving back to the community by creating over 1,000 blankets for "999 for Kids" program.
MP3 Players Help Rehabilitate InmatesFemale inmates at Century Regional Detention Facility are using MP3 players to listen to audiobooks, music and rehabilitation materials during their time in jail. The music and other available cont
AB109 - How does the State Realignment affect those in custody?This Newsletter was written by Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Custody Support Services November 8, 2011. The facts stated are still current with realignment guidelines. #b# AB-109 Public S
12 Incarcerated Mothers Reunite with Their Children for the First "Mother's Day" CelebrationOn Friday, July 26, 2013, the Education Based Incarceration Bureau (EBI) hosted the first “Mother’s Day” event at Pitchess Detention Center (PDC). EBI Bureau coordinated the transport of 12 female inm
Deputy Underwood-Nunez to receive 2013 ACO Medal of Honor Award for her lifesaving heroismCRDF Deputy Jenna Underwood-Nunez will be presented the 2013 ACO Medal of Honor Award on November 7-10, 2013 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This award is the only national award for Correctional Office
EBI: A Message from Sheriff BacaLA County Sheriff Lee Baca's overview on the Education Based Incarceration Bureau and its programs for the county inmate population.
Education Based Incarceration Bureau First Female Inmate Fire CampOn Wednesday July 3, 2013, staff from the Inmate Fire Training Facility (Fire Camp) at Pitchess Detention Center (PDC) began an "Introduction to Fire Camp Training" course for female...
Inmate fire camp: who qualifies? Any inmates interested in applying for participation in the countys Inmate Fire Camp program must meet the following eligibility criteria: - Must be sentenced under AB109 - Have a Clear
Community Transition Unit: Help While in Custody and after your release!The Community Transition Unit (CTU) was established in April 2001 to identify and link inmates to public, private, faith-based and community-based organizations' services upon their release from jail in order to promote a seamless transition and a successful reintegration into the community.
V.I.N.E.: Victim Information and Notification EverydayVINE is an automated computer program offered for domestic violence crime victims in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. The purpose of the VINE program is to provide victims of crime continuous access concerning an inmate's custody status. By calling the VINE number, a victim can determine the custody status of the offender and register to be notified of the release or transfer of the specific inmate.
Allowed Property for Female InmatesProperty allowed for possession by incarcerated females:
Custody Canine Program Comes to CRDFA new program has reached Century Regional Detention Facility and it comes in the form of a canine. The Los Angeles County jails are testing the “Custody Canine Program,” which allows inmates to
Inmate Mother of 3 Takes Advantage of Education Classes while IncarceratedCentury Regional Detention Facility inmate mother takes advantage of education classes while incarcerated and improves her reading level, earns life skills certificate and 2 parenting certificates.
Inmates Use Program to Control Anger and Resolve ConflictSMARTS, Self-Motivated Anger Release Tools & Strategies, is a results-based program designed to help inmates identify anger and teach them how to handle conflicts. The program was designed by Michae
SHARE Tolerance Program Is Now In CustodyThe SHARE Tolerance program has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the Department's efforts to educate people regarding the issues of hate, intolerance, and bigotry in our communities. The custody version of the program has also proven itself to be the next logical step in the development of this exciting educational effort that continues to grow and educate those in our communities.
Featured Services
Education Based Incarceration programs available to CRDF inmates:Below, an overview of EBI programs available to our inmate population.
Adults Bonding with Children: the ABC Program The Adults Bonding with Children (ABC) program allows inmates to build and maintain a parent relationship during their time in jail. This program not only is beneficial to the female inmate, but gives the children an opportunity to share a connection with his or her mother.
Adult Basic EducationThis series of courses is offered to students preparing for the formal GED preparation course. It features a systematic “building block” approach to development of improved reading, writing, and math skills.
GED CompletionFor inmate students who have not yet achieved a high school diploma, this program offers an alternative diploma in the form of a state-approved equivalency series in the areas of language arts (reading, writing, and comprehension skills), mathematics, science, and social studies.
Computer OperationsCovers the basics of Microsoft Office 2010 suite operations, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.
Culinary ArtsActive training in food services, baking, cooking and the full spectrum of food preparation.
Sewing ClassProvides training in basic sewing techniques. Participating inmates learn to operate sewing machinery in the creation of dolls—which are donated to inner-city schools across the county—and various articles of clothing.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse CoursesThese include several programs designed according to the Twelve-Step model, such as Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and others.
IMPACT Drug Treatment ProgramThe inmates who are involved in the IMPACT Program are selected by designated Drug Courts within the Municipal and Superior courts of Los Angeles County. Inmates must have approval by an authorized Drug Court, the contact service providers (IMPACT Center) and the Sheriff’s Department, to participate in a twelve-step curriculum partially based upon the tenets of the Narcotics Anonymous program. When an inmate completes the program, the IMPACT staff makes a recommendation to the court for follow-up monitoring, which can last up to eighteen months. The monitoring may include drug testing, non-custodial supervision, employment authorization, and continued participation in the twelve-step program.
HIV and AIDS Education - Center for Health JusticeThe Center for Health Justice offers programs and services to both men and women in correctional facilities, with a focus on prisoners who are HIV+ or at greatest risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Aerobics and MeditationInmates are given the opportunity to exercise and meditate with instructors who visit their modules and conduct 40-minute sessions of physical activities and spiritual/mental relaxation techniques.
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