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Housing Needs through Community Based OrganizationsThe Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has a variety of community based organizations that provide aid for housing needs or temporary housing beds and referral to inmates upon release from our custody facilities.
How Inmate Sentencing works with Good Time and Work Time Release CreditsA brief explaination of how sentencing works when given release credits for Good Time or Work Time.
Property Release for Inmates Property Release and Pick up for inmates: - To pick-up any persons clothing or other inmate property you must obtain a Property Release Form (blue slip) from the on duty custody staff
Inmate Regulations to Deposit Money To deposit money for an inmate to use: - Deposit or Pick-up in person, you can go to either of the following address: Inmate Reception Center (IRC) 450 Bauchet Street
Inmate Mail Regulations MAILING ADDRESSES: General mailing address for all incarcerated Male and Female inmates send to: Inmate Name, Booking Number PO BOX
About Inmate Services Bureau (ISB)Inmate Services Bureau is part of Custody Services Division, Specialized Programs, and is under the command of Director Karen S. Dalton. As the Director for the Inmate Services Bureau, Dr. Dalton ser
Community Re-entry Resources & Other Helpful Links Resources for exiting or current incarcerated inmates and family members.
EBI's Veteran ProgramThe Veterans program is a component of the Education Based Incarceration Bureau, and focuses on military veterans within the Los Angeles County Jail system. The program provides training related to l
The Folsom Project Through a long standing practice, the Lions Club International Volunteers Committee has been collecting, refurbishing and distributing used eyewear to various homeless people within local and national
Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation – MERITAccording to Sheriff Lee Baca, the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department (LASD) is the nation’s “largest sheriff’s department, second largest policing agency, and in addition to dozens of patrol stations and the country’s largest court security responsibilities, operates the nation’s largest jail system.”
CTU Is Looking Out For You!The Community Transition Unit (CTU) was established in April 2001 to identify and link inmates to public, private, faith-based (FBO) and community-based (CBO) organizations services upon their releas
Inmate Mother of 3 Takes Advantage of Education Classes while IncarceratedCentury Regional Detention Facility Inmate Mother Takes Advantage of Education Classes while Incarcerated and Improves her Reading Level, Earns Life Skills Certificate and 2 parenting Certificates
EBI Is Up With The Incarcerated Parents ProjectName: EBI Is Up With The Incarcerated Parents Project Article: EBI Is Up With The Incarcerated Parents Project The Incarcerated Parents Project (IPP) was founded January 2010. The primary g
Jail Enterprises UnitAs a part of the Education Based Incarceration Bureau, the Jail Enterprises Unit (JEU) works with the inmate vocational training programs to provide appropriate occupational and workplace skills to in
Sheriff's Tattoo Removal Program Helps Offer Inmates a Clean SlateTattoo Removal Program Helps Offer Inmates a Clean Slate Inmates in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department have the opportunity to participate in a tattoo removal program. Tattoo
How Correctional Programs are funded with LASDThe Inmate Welfare Fund (IWF) exists by way of statutory authority granted to the Sheriff to establish, maintain and operate a store in connection with the county jail. The sale price of articles offe
Inmate Welfare CommissionEstablished in 1951, the Inmate Welfare Commission consists of nine persons, appointed by the Sheriff, to provide humanitarian and educational support to inmates.
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