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WZ1XdL.A. County lifeguard dies during training exerciseA 20-year Los Angeles County lifeguard veteran died Thursday morning during a training exercise in the Mira Costa High School pool. Brian Kutil, 42, was in the middle of a timed 500-meter swim, along with about 25 lifeguards as part of a yearly recertification course, when he began struggling. “The lifeguards on deck noticed that he was slowing down and he didn’t look right so they pulled him out of the water,” said Los Angeles County Lifeguard Section Chief Chris Linkletter. “At that point, he wasn’t breathing.” Despite life-saving efforts by lifeguards and the Manhattan Beach Fire Department, Kutil was pronounced dead at a local hospital at 7:01 a.m. The cause of death has not been released. “We don’t have any indications of what exactly happened, and we don’t have any indication that he’s had any prior medical issues,” Linkletter said. Kutil, an El Segundo native and graduate of El Segundo High School, worked as a deckhand on the lifeguard Baywatch rescue boats, covering the water from Malibu to San Pedro. “He was truly doing what he loved to do — being a lifeguard,” Linkletter said. “It was his dream job.” Lifeguard colleagues were clearly reeling Thursday from the death of one of their own. “He is beloved by our lifeguard family,” said A.J. Lester, an ocean lifeguard specialist. “He was just a great guy, an all-around really nice person who everyone really liked.” Lester said the lifeguards were reminiscing about the “countless” rescues Kutil had made over the years, including several “heroic” dives off the rescue boat in Venice last summer. This is the first death of an on-duty Los Angeles County lifeguard in recent memory, Linkletter said. An active L.A. County lifeguard passed away late last year from cancer. “All of us are shocked by this terrible early morning news,” said Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby. “Our hearts go out to his family, friends and his Fire Department family. Please keep everyone in your thoughts as we mourn this tragic loss.” According to Mira Costa Principal Ben Dale, students were in the pool area at the time of the incident so grief counseling services were made available to students throughout the day. Kutil is survived by his parents and one sister.
459 100X100Burglary Subjects Arrested in Lower LaderaOn Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 10:10 am, Marina del Rey Station deputies responded to a burglary alarm call at a residence in the 6700 block of Bedford Avenue in Lower Ladera.  Upon arrival deputies detained two juvenile subjects near the residence.  After further investigation, deputies determined the subjects had broken into the residence via a rear patio window.  Deputies also discovered pry marks around the window frame and later learned that an electrical breaker panel had been switched off.  The subjects did not make entry into the main residence and fled, possibly due to the audible burglary alarm.  Evidence was recovered on one subject’s person, linking him to the crime.  Both subjects admitted being associated with each other and neither had a valid reason for being in the area or absent from the school they attend.  One subject lied about his identity, which was discovered when he was booked and fingerprinted at the station.  This subject is currently on probation for burglary and trespassing from other cases.  Both subjects were transported to Los Padrinos juvenile hall and released to the Probation Department.  Any residents who witnessed this incident and have information to assist in the investigation, should contact Detective Eric Matias at (310) 482-6026.       Marina del Rey Station wants to remind all residents to be mindful of our neighborhoods, and when you see something out of place, please call and report the activity immediately.  Only by working together will we be successful in combating such activity.  Residents can reach our station at our business line (310) 482-6000 or via 911 in cases of emergencies.      Lieutenant Brian Bishop PM Shift Watch Commander
METRO LOGO 100X100Expo Station Construction Crenshaw Blvd ClosuresCrenshaw Blvd will undergo extended closures.
burglarBurglary Suspect Arrested On November 5, 2014, Marina del Rey Sheriff’s and the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Community Policing Team (COPS) conducted a burglar suppression operation in the View Park area. A burglary now call ... View more for service was generated in the 3500 block of Floresta Avenue. The informant said he saw a male adult enter a window on the west side of the location. When Deputy Sheriff’s arrived at the location, they saw a suspect exit the window and ran towards the 5100 block of Chesley Avenue. A second suspect was seen jumping a fence east of the location on Floresta Avenue. Deputy Sheriff’s established a containment of the area, with the assistance of responding units and aero bureau, covering Brynhurst to the east, Chesley to the west, 52nd Street to the south and Floresta to the the north. Marina del Rey Sheriff's set up a command post and created a tactical plan. They requested the Sheriff’s Canine unit to respond to the location to assist in the search of the outstanding suspects. A search team along with Canine searched the area in the containment and located the suspect hiding in a garage. He was taken into custody without incident. We were unable to locate the second suspect male involved. Deputy Sheriff’s contacted the informant who positively identified the suspect that entered the house. Deputy Sheriff’s also recovered stolen items from the location on the person of the suspect which was returned back to the owner. As a result, Marina del Rey Sheriff's personnel along with the COPS team cleared the location and safely rendered it safe. The suspect was arrested for Burglary which is a felony. 459. Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, outhouse or other building, tent, vessel, as defined in Section 21 of the Harbors and Navigation Code, floating home, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 18075.55 of the Health and Safety Code, railroad car, locked or sealed cargo container, whether or not mounted on a vehicle, trailer coach, as defined in Section 635 of the Vehicle Code, any house car, as defined in Section 362 of the Vehicle Code, inhabited camper, as defined in Section 243 of the Vehicle Code, vehicle as defined by the Vehicle Code, when the doors are locked, aircraft as defined by Section 21012 of the Public Utilities Code, or mine or any underground portion thereof, with intent to commit grand or petit larceny or any felony is guilty of burglary. As used in this chapter, "inhabited" means currently being used for dwelling purposes, whether occupied or not. A house, trailer, vessel designed for habitation, or portion of a building is currently being used for dwelling purposes if, at the time of the burglary, it was not occupied solely because a natural or other disaster caused the occupants to leave the premises.
boris .bmpMarina del Rey Station Overall Crime Rate DropsRecently the Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, and View Park areas patrolled by Marina del Rey Station deputies have experienced several residential and vehicle burglaries. The rate of these thefts are down from October and we are intensifying our patrol activities and responses. A majority of the thefts are occurring during the morning and early afternoon hours. We want to remind residents to be vigilant at all hours and contact the station if you see something suspicious. Please call our business line at (310) 482-6000 for suspicious activity and 911 if you are reporting an emergency or a crime in progress. All residents should review the below listed suggestions to better secure their homes, vehicles and property. - Do not keep or store valuable items in your vehicle, or in plain sight. Frequently, cellphones, I-Pads, and lap top computers are left on a car’s seat and can be quickly accessed and stolen. - Be sure your vehicle is locked and secured even in your driveway or in front of your residence. - Walk around your home and inspect any area you think a burglar would attempt to access. - Every external door should have a sturdy dead bolt lock. Especially entrances at the rear of your property. - Place wooden dowels along the inside of the window tracks to secure windows and sliding doors. - Give extra keys to neighbors instead of hiding them outside of your home. - If doors don’t fit tightly in their frames, install weather stripping or additional casing around them. - Install exterior lights and keep your home well lit at night. - Consider leaving a television or radio on when you leave for short periods of time, if feasible. - Consider installing a monitored house alarm system if you travel often. - Video surveillance systems, available at Costco and other local retailers, are affordable, reliable, and can be monitored remotely on your cellphone. Additionally, our detectives are reviewing videotape recordings from several of your neighbors systems to help us identify the suspects committing these crimes. When an incident takes place in your neighborhood, review your recordings to see if you have captured any related suspicious activity. - Consider leaving a car in the driveway, rather than parking it in the garage, which gives the appearance that someone is home. - Limit the view inside of your home, especially if valuables can be seen from open doors and windows. This can be accomplished simply by keeping drapes and blinds closed. - Report ALL suspicious solicitors or suspicious persons in the area to Marina del Rey Station. Record the license plates of suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood and report them to us. - Especially with the holidays upon us, have packages and orders delivered to you at work if you can’t arrange to be home on the expected delivery date. Neighbors can also be utilized to accept packages in your absence. - Create a neighborhood watch on your block. Talk to your neighbors and advise them when you will be absent or when you see suspicious activity occurring in your neighborhood. Share your concerns so everyone can be on the lookout.
spcMarina del Rey Community RelationsCommunity Relations / Special Problems Team personnel organize, mobilize, and facilitate communication with the public and motivate community members to participate in problem solving partnerships. They organize groups such as neighborhood watch meetings, Community Advisory Councils, business owners' associations, and homeowners' associations. They attend comunity meetings and advise the public on neighborhood safety, crime awareness, and building security. Duties also include organizing youth activity leagues that provide a positive outlet for juveniles through activities such as sports, volunteer work, and education.
spcMarina del Rey Reserve ProgramReserve Deputy Sheriffs are citizens who are utilized to supplement the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's law enforcement manpower at Marina del Rey Station. Like full-time deputies, Reserve Deputies are professionally trained and duly sworn law enforcement personnel and perform general law enforcement duties, including crime prevention and investigation, responding to calls, traffic control, and enforcement of laws. Contact Sergeant Ron Thrash at the Ladera Sheriff's Service Center (310) 410-7604.
spcMarina del Rey Operation Kid PrintOperation Kid Print is a program that provides parents a confidential way of recording a child's vital identification information and a physical description card of their children, for their records. Contact Deputy Keith Harrison at the Ladera Sheriff's Service Center (310) 410-7600.
spcMarina del Rey Neighborhood Watch ProgramNeighborhood Watch is an effective program aimed at keeping crime out of your neighborhood. It relies on the best crime-fighting tool ever invented - a good neighbor. Fortunately, good neighbors are found everywhere. Neighborhood Crime Watch encourages citizen participation in reducing crime. Residents and law enforcement work together to achieve one common goal – "Making Their Neighborhoods Safe." Residents are taught how to protect their property and report suspicious activities to the police. Neighborhood Watch also helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address ther community concerns. They also receive important information immediately by fax or email on any crimes that are occurring near them. Contact Deputy Joseluis Tapia to start a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood.
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