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Title 15 - Allowable Inmate property inside L.A. County Jail



The items listed below are acceptable for possession by male inmates, the quantity is not specified; however; it must conform with Custody Division Manual, section


"Individual Inmate Storage of Personal Effects."


Beverage/Food items

Books (personal, religious, and library)

Clear zip lock baggy

Comb (non-metal, no rat-tail)

Contact lenses with plastic case

Cough drops


Denture cleaner

Denture grip

Deodorant (non-aerosol)

Envelopes (legal or regular)


Greetings cards (5x7 max)

Hair conditioner

Hair gel

Hearing aid (extra batteries kept by medical staff only)

Legal folder



Mail (personal letters, post cards, telegrams)

Medical alert bracelet


The items listed below are acceptable for possession by male inmates with the allowable quantities indicated.



Blanket 1

Sheet or mattress cover 1

Towel 1

Wash cloth 1

L.A. County issued jail uniform 1 set

L.A. County issued jail shoes 1 pr.

Shower shoes 1 pr.

Socks 2 pr.

Undershirt 3

Underpants 3


Exceptions to the above, for special inmate work assignments, or weather conditions, or safety shall require individual units to establish unit orders specific to their needs, (e.g., additional blankets, boots, jackets, etc.).

Transgender inmates who have had breast augmentation shall be allowed five (5) bras. Excess clothing and linen items (any clothing or linen other than those issued to inmates for a particular unit's clothing schedules or work assignments) are considered contraband.

Inmates assigned to the intake area of mental health housing shall be governed by Custody Division Manual section 5-01/050.00 Handling of Suicidal Inmates.

Inmates assigned to one-man cells, in other than mental health housing, shall have the standard mattress cover and bed sheets removed. To maintain compliance with California Title 15, the top bed sheet and mattress cover shall be replaced with a second blanket.

Custody Division Manual 5-06/050.00


All inmates within any Custody Division facility shall store all personal and county issued property (with the exception of their sheet and blanket) in a "new generation inmate property bag." The inmate property bags will be issued at the inmate's first housing location. Inmates are responsible for their issued inmate property bag and all of its contents.

All inmate property bags shall be subject to search and inspection at any time. The inmate property bag shall be retained by the inmate, and returned to department personnel at the time of their release.

All personal property possessed by any inmate must conform with Custody Division Manual, section 5-06/010.00, "Allowable Inmate Property," and must be stored in the inmate property bag. All personal property and county property (excluding bedding) must fit inside one inmate property bag. Any excess property will be considered contraband. The inmate shall be given the choice of which property they wish to dispose of without compensation. The only exception applies to Pro-Per inmates, in which case, they may be issued an additional inmate property bag(s) to store their legal paperwork. Unit commanders are responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the disposition of accumulated inmate property which exceeds the limits of inmate allowable property and constitutes contraband.

Excess property, within the housing areas, creates a possible fire hazard; impacts already crowded living areas; and has the potential to create sanitation and hygiene problems. Facilities shall not forward excess inmate property to the Inmate Reception Center to be placed into an inmate's personal property.

Revised 06/27/12

Revised 12/20/09

12/10/01 CDM

For more information on California Title 15 regulations visit the California Derpartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation website

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