40 inmates who participated in the Education Based Incarceration program received either a high school diploma or certificate of completion for vocational training.Several students also spoke and offered a private view of their life experiences which led them to incarceration, and of how their mindset, hearts and outlooks changed with education and encouragement.
Inmate Welfare Commissioners Sanders and Wilms visit Men's Central Jail (Click to display link above) Largest Class of Grad Inmates Culminates Education & Voc Courses with Diplomas, Pride & Smiles (Click to display link above) Education Based Incarceration (EBI), improving life through educational, vocational and life skills programs (Click to display link above) North County Correctional Facility offers programs to inmate students of all security levels (Click to display link above) Street Symphony visit Century Regional Detention Facility (Click to display link above) Folsom Project and eyeglass refurbishing at Twin Towers Correctional Facility  (Click to display link above)