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Education Based Incarceration Bureau First Female Inmate Fire Camp


On Wednesday July 3, 2013, staff from the Inmate Fire Training Facility (Fire Camp) at Pitchess Detention Center (PDC) began an "Introduction to Fire Camp Training" course for female AB109 inmates interested in participating in the Fire Camp program. Fire Camp Lt. Anderson and his staff; Sergeant Sandor, Deputy Parra, and Deputy Houchens welcomed EBI Deputies Reynoso and Aragon in assisting them with the training process for the women. Collectively they transported 17 female inmates from TTCF to PDC East Facility. Upon arrival the women went to a large park area and were given an overview of the program. PDC Commander Ornelas gave a motivational speech to the woman and emphasized the importance of the Fire Camp Program as well as the benefits the program provides. The women did some minor calisthenics, and then were taken on a 3 mile hike up a hill. After the hike, food services provided them with a hearty meal, and they were given a program briefing by the Fire Department. All the women were very enthused, grateful, and overall ecstatic to be part of the Fire Camp Program. EBI would like to say thank you to Lt. Anderson and his staff for allowing EBI to collaborate with their team and making fire camp training a wonderful and positive experience.

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Education Based Incarceration Bureau First Female Group

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