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Inmates With Medical Needs

Inmates with Medical Issues

For general Inmate Information

(213) 473-6080 or 213-473-6100

For Inmates with Medical Issues

(213) 893-5544

For Inmates with Mental Issues

Follow this link to the Mental Health Web site:

Inmate Locator

Provides information about an inmate as well as the jail or correctional facility where he/she is detained.

Another way to relay medical & mental health issues is to send a fax.

Click on the Inmate Medication Information Form,

English Version or

Spanish Version .....

Print, complete, and fax as instructed below.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT address any impending charges against your family member in this fax. Medical information only!

If your relative has not previously done so, ask that he/she be asked to sign a confidentiality waiver while in jail. The Medical & Mental Health staff is prohibited by law from giving anyone information about a client's status unless they have the client's consent, but the staff can receive information from relatives or friends without the client's consent.

Once your relative has been booked, fax the document to the appropriate numbers below. Faxes can be sent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mental Health Services:

Men's Fax: 213-972-4002

Women's Fax: 323-568-4650

Medical Services

Men's Fax: 213-830-0681

Women's Fax: 323-357-5679

If you are sending both mental health and medical information, you must fax the information to the Jail Mental Health Service number and the Sheriff's Medical Services Bureau number.

Medical Service Bureaus currently offers our inmate population access to full medical services on a twenty- four hours, seven days per week basis. Medical Staff consists of physicians, registered Nurse Practitioners, and Nursing Staff. Some of our other services include Dental, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Obstetrics, and Gynecological care. We are proud to currently offer inmates access to a Centralized Nurse Clinic. This offers inmates access to medical care and utilizes where applicable Standardized Procedures which are implemented by trained Registered Nurses, thus meeting the standards of Title 15, of providing care within a twenty-four hour period. In an effort to facilitate continuity of patient care for services that are not provided at our facilities, appointments are made at Los Angeles County and University of California Hospital (LAC&USC). Surrounding hospitals are utilized during medical emergencies.

Medical Services Mission is to ensure that all inmates-patients receive health care consistent with community standards and Title 15 regulations.

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