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Education Based Incarceration Programs
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Discusses the techniques and skills of effective parenting, including behavioral modification techniques.
Leadership TrainingLeadership Training:
Offers the basics of individual and group leadership, including the importance of values, ethics, and attitudes.
Interpersonal CommunicationInterpersonal Communication:
Discusses the interpersonal communication process, including verbal and non-verbal language, conflict management, and causes of miscommunication.
Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution:
This course focuses on how to manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts, including managing our responses, achieving rapport, taking perspective, and managing emotions.
Anger ManagementAnger Management:
Helps students understand how to recognize and control emotions, resolve conflicts, and improve interpersonal relationships.
Moral Reconation TrainingMoral Reconation Training (MRT):
This is a systematic, cognitive behavioral, step by step treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image, promote growth of a positive productive identity and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.
EBILogoColor-SmlMultidisciplinary and Hybrid Programs:
Comprehensive, three-dimensional, or "wrap-around" educational and therapeutic courses. EBI has developed a full spectrum of academic, vocational, cognitive behavioral, and other comprehensive techniques.
MERITMasters2Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation (M.E.R.I.T.):
Through personal accountability, and increases the student's skills at utilizing options and resources for success. The five pillars of MERIT consist of anger management, parenting, relationships, drug education, and spiritual growth.
Hollywood ImpactHollywood Impact:
The goal of Hollywood Impact Studios is to bring new hope and a brighter future to those individuals who have been dealt a tough hand in life; to use the art of television and film making to change lives; and to provide a training ground where Hollywood professionals mentor these individuals in order to identify and develop their individual talent for a career in Hollywood, with the result of producing top network quality programming.
SMARTSocial Mentoring Academic & Rehabilitative Training (SMART)
SMART is an internationally recognized model in dealing with the multiple issues experienced by gay and transgender inmates within the jail system.
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