Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau Boat Crew Update Their Patrol Boat

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parks Bureau Boat Crew Update Their Patrol Boat

Beginning in June 2012, Parks Bureau Lake Operation's personnel recognized and documented the need to update their aging patrol boat fleet. In March 2013, a Parks Bureau supervisor responsible for overseeing the boat deputies and lake operations contacted the United States Coast Guard where he inquired if any of the Coast Guard's "Safe boat" vessels would be sold. He was told the Coast Guard would be updating their fleet and that the old boats would be made available in the near future to government agencies and municipalities. It was further relayed that several of the 25' "Safe boats" were in near perfect condition.

Parks Bureau Lake Operation's supervision checked the Government Surplus Access (GSA) web site daily and in April 2013, found the vessels were available. Supervisors from Parks Bureau's Boat Crew immediately drove to Alameda, California and inspected the available vessels and their condition. A call was then placed to the State's Office of Emergency Services Representative in Sacramento wherein, they were asked to contact the GSA and reserve the vessels. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was the first agency to reserve all five of the available Coast Guard "Safe boats." After a lengthy and time consuming process, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parks Bureau was awarded one of the five "Safe boat" vessels and a trailer. The cost for the vessel and trailer was $11,910, which was actually a service fee paid to GSA. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Federal Excess staff went to Alameda, California in May 2013 and picked up and transported the boat and trailer to Los Angeles County at no additional cost to tax payers.

The current value of the used Coast Guard vessel was stated at $171,000 which included minimal equipment from the Coast Guard. To buy the same vessel new without any equipment would cost the Los Angeles County tax payers approximately $200,000. The outboard motors, radar, gauges, radios, and all other miscellaneous boating equipment were removed from the vessel by the Coast Guard prior to its release to the Sheriff's Department. Engines and miscellaneous equipment were removed from one of Parks Bureau's existing older patrol boats by Los Angeles County boat mechanics and were installed in the "Safe boat." The existing Parks Bureau boat that the engines and equipment were removed from will be sold at auction. The total cost to purchase and outfit the new boat was approximately $13,000 due to reuse of existing equipment. The new retrofitted "Safe boat" is now valued at approximately $ 250,000. The new boat has the ability to be utilized on the inland lakes, but is trailer able and can be utilized to support off-shore missions to assist Marina Del Rey Ocean Boats. This boat has seating for four crew members and fuel capacity to extend its range to 175 miles. It is anticipated the "Safe boat" will be placed into service on Castaic and Pyramid Lakes in late June 2013. At that time, we will provide a follow-up story.

Parks Bureau Lake Operation's staff will continue working on acquiring additional "Safe boats" to update its aging fleet, and continue meeting Parks Bureau's mission of providing a safe boating environment.

The Parks Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department polices 177 county parks, golf courses and special event venues throughout Los Angeles County.

Providing Public Safety for Parks.

Safe Boat
Safe Boat

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