Palmdale Personnel Rescue Man Stuck Under Collapsed Vehicle

On March 21, 2012, Palmdale Station received an emergent 911 call from a citizen indicating his friend was working on a vehicle near the 2000 Block of Avenue P-8, in the City of Palmdale when the vehicle fell on him.

Palmdale Dispatchers initiated a Code-3 rescue call, and Deputy Raymundo Wilson, along with his ride-along (Los Angeles County Sheriff Explorer Nicholas Hicks), responded from the Antelope Valley Mall. They arrived at the location at the same time as Palmdale City Community Service Officer Walter Andrew (who is also a Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy).

The trio rushed into to residence's open garage and located the victim, who was pinned underneath the engine block of a vehicle. Because the front tires had been removed from the vehicle, when the car fell off the jack it trapped the victim, underneath. They saw the victim was semi-conscious and was struggling to breathe with the weight of the vehicle upon his chest.

Deputy Wilson and C.S.O. Andrew took hold of the front bumper and lifted the vehicle which enabled Explorer Hicks to reposition the fallen jack. The vehicle was then raised up enough to enable the victim to be pulled from underneath the car.

The victim was transported, via ambulance, to Antelope Valley Hospital where he was treated in the emergency room. According to the attending physician, he received extensive bruising to his face, chest and stomach. He explained because the weight of the vehicle had been upon his chest and stomach area, the victim could have suffocated had it not been for the quick actions by Deputy Wilson, C.S.O. Andrew, and Explorer Hicks. The physician indicated because of the trio's decisive actions and efficient performance, it resulted in not only saving the patient's life, but in preventing potentially serious internal injuries.

Deputy Wilson, C.S.O. Andrew, and Explorer Hicks have been recommended for the Sheriff's Department Life Saving Award, due to their, heroic actions.

Prepared by Deputy Robbie Royster


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