LASD Deputy Francine Rizzio, of Parks Bureau, was recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police

LASD Deputy Francine Rizzio, of Parks Bureau, was recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Francine Rizzio, of Parks Bureau, was recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police on Monday, October 21, 2013, with the "Webber Seavey Award" for Quality in Law Enforcement.

In December 2009, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department assumed the responsibility in providing law enforcement services to all 177 Los Angeles County operated parks, nature trails, golf courses, swimming pools, and lakes. It was then the County parks began to see unprecedented law enforcement attention in areas previously blighted with gangs and crime. Deputy Francine Rizzio joined the transition team as a field deputy in December 2009, and became the Community Relations / Community Policing expert where she began to tackle County park issues on three separate fronts. Deputy Rizzio recognized the need to partner with the community and park staff to garner their trust and respect. The second area she began to address dealt with the overwhelming homeless issues in some of our County parks. The third and final issue Deputy Rizzio recognized as being crucial was the need to reach out to the youth within our parks and build a bridge to gain their trust.

Deputy Rizzio has greatly impacted the overall effectiveness and efficiency of how the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parks Bureau serves the homeless community and the residential community, and park patrons. Deputy Rizzio's innovative insight in the way she partners with the community, while empowering them to take ownership is a testament to the heart she has for her community and the reason she was given this award.

In 1893 Webber S. Seavey, Police Chief from Omaha, Nebraska, became the very first president of the National Chiefs of Police Union now known as the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He quickly became renowned for his ability to not only identify common police problems, but to institute practical solutions that set an example for police agencies far and wide. It is this ground-breaking legacy for which the Webber Seavey Award has been respectfully named.

The Webber Seavey Award bears significance that extends far beyond the prestige of winning. The program is designed to raise the standard of quality in law enforcement, to share information on successful police projects, and thirdly, to bring team members within law enforcement agencies together in an interactive problem-solving process. Winning projects will be documented and made available to agencies worldwide through a series of special publications - promoting the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information throughout the entire law enforcement community. Consider the program your point of access to an IACP archive of law enforcement projects and processes that work.

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