Antelope Valley Crime fighting Initiative Conducts 28 Location Parole/Probation Compliance Check


The Antelope Valley Crime Fighting Initiative organized a Parole and Probation compliance operation targeting 28 locations throughout the Palmdale area. The operation was spearheaded by the Partners Against Crime Team (PAC) who selected the locations based on active probationers and parolees for theft related crimes.

In following with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments' mission to develop safer and more productive communities, the Antelope Valley Crime Fighting Initiative conducts random parole and probation compliance checks throughout the valley. The goal of these compliance checks is to monitor both the welfare and reintegration process of individuals released from the State and County Penal System into the communities we police.

Deputies, during these compliance checks, take an active role in identifying individuals on parole and probation that are not complying with the terms of their early release program. They also assist the individuals by offering community based resources to aid them in becoming a viable member of the community.

Today's operation was focused on individuals in the Palmdale area who are currently on active probation or parole for theft related crimes. Deputies contacted these twenty eight individuals at their residents to verify their residence, monitor their reintegration progress, and make sure the individuals are not in possession of narcotics or weapons which would violate the terms of their parole. These twenty eight locations were divided amongst six teams from the Palmdale PAC Team, Santa Clarita COPS Team, Palmdale COPS Team, Lancaster COPS Team, North County CIT Team, and Lancaster TOP Team.

Of the twenty eight locations checked in today's compliance operation;

- 5 Were arrested for misdemeanor warrants.

- 6 Were arrested for felony crimes including:

- Felon in possession of tear gas (Jose Ochoa, 32 year old male)

- Probationer in possession of methamphetamine (Allen Silva, 31 year old male)

- Parole violation (Anthony Smith, 28 year old male)

- Domestic Violence warrant (Bernadette Young, 48 year old female)

- Possession of narcotic prescriptions not in her name (Ruth Baptiste, 44 year old female)

- Sexual registrant not in compliance with address requirements (Maurice Pikes, 43 year old male)

- 9 new probation warrants were placed into the system for violations discovered during the compliance checks.

- The remaining locations were found to be in compliance with their terms of probation or parole.

Prepared by Deputy Robbie Royster


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