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Is VIDA the right choice for my child?

Is VIDA the right choice for my child?

Vital Intervention, Directional Alternatives (VIDA) is a structured 16-week educational, intervention program utilizing Department personnel, volunteers, and community based organizations to provide an opportunity for non-violent youth to learn how to make better life choices and take responsibility for planning their future. VIDA is specifically designed for the families of 12-17 year old, moderate to high risk youth, utilizing pro-active and innovative techniques to break the cycle of recidivism and promote positive re-direction for the program participants. Unless mandated as conditions of juvenile court adjudication, participation in the VIDA program is voluntary and students are typically referred to VIDA through the Probation Department, detectives, schools, the Department of Children and Family Services, community based organizations, or parents.

Assessments as to the appropriateness of the applicant for the program are based on the Youth Level of Service/Case management Inventory (YLS/CMI) assessment tool results which are determined during the intake phase. The assessment process involves a detailed discussion including parental responsibilities and an over-all evaluation of the appropriateness of the program for the individual child. In addition to addressing the potential consequences of the child's behavior, family structure and social history variables are evaluated in order to structure a comprehensive response for each child's individual needs. During the course of the program, home checks and school checks conducted by the VIDA staff help provide measurements as to each participant's progress.

During the 16-week academy, participants are exposed to, and learn the importance of: Choices and Consequences; Community Service; Physical Training and Health Education; Counseling for the Participants and their Families; Career Guidance; and Life Skills Development. Staff members provide drug testing and substance abuse counseling, crisis intervention, conduct mental health assessments, develop case-management plans, conduct home and school checks, and provide family guidance counseling and parenting classes. The program requires participants to attend eight-hour Saturday sessions which focuses on cognitive approaches to addressing criminogenic behavior issues. Each week, the participants and their parents attend 90-minute mid-week, counseling group classes, which focus on family issues and parenting tools and techniques.

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