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EBI at PDC North Facility

EBI at PDC North Facility

Los Angeles County Sheriff, Leroy Baca has developed a philosophy within the jails he runs called Education Based Incarceration. E.B.I focuses on the risk and needs of the offenders through education and rehabilitation. He is attempting to create a safe and empowering environment, conducive to learning and self-retrospection. To that end, he created six principles of Education Based Incarceration, which change the entire outlook of how a custody environment operates. And the largest county jail system in the country also offers many educational options, presented with many different community partners.

Six principles of EBI:

1. Assess and evaluate both educational and trade skills of inmates.

2. Develop a system of educating Los Angeles County jail inmates who inevitably will serve time in the California state prison system that begins and ends with a period of time in Los Angeles County jail facilities.

3. The development and implementation of an automated case management information system.

4. Strengthen and systematize the partnership with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

5. Develop a comprehensive curriculum that activates a wide variety of learning programs that are both traditional and non-traditional.

6. Transform, through science and training, the LASD Custody Operations Division, as well as the State of California's cultural thinking to approve, support, and participate in the principles and practice of Education Based Incarceration.

Educational services provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at PDC North Facility include:

-Adult Basic Education: A GED preparation course that forms the building block for General Educational Development.

-Conflict Resolution: Provides education towards resolving issues/conflicts.

-Celebrate Recovery: Provides ongoing recovery skills for recovering addicts.

-Vocational Skills: Including laundry operations, landscape/gardening, janitorial services, and basic construction skills.

-Life Skills: Facilitated by LA Works, offering education on multiple subjects.

-Parenting: Teaches skills aimed at being a better parent.

-General Education Development: An alternative, state-approved high school diploma course teaching language arts, math, science, and social studies.

-Movie Night: Utilizes movies to exemplify life skills.

-Malachi men: A spiritual growth program consisting of a 12 week Bible study course operated by Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, CA.

-The Urban Ministry Institute: A seminary-style religious educational program designed to train pastors and church leaders among inmates who demonstrate spiritual leadership.

-Stop Hate and Respect Everyone program: SHARE focuses on the harms caused by hate crimes and teaches respect and tolerance for all people.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation (M.E.R.I.T.) Program:

OUR MISSION: Inmate Programs are designed to help rehabilitate and educate those who are incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Jail system. Studies have clearly proven that education is the key to prevention!

OUR GOAL: To present the different opportunities and levels of education while incarcerated in the jail system. These programs have clearly contributed to the success of inmates as they return back to society helping them to make decisions that affect their immediate future.

OUR HOPE: To continue introducing these different programs throughout the Los Angeles County Jail system, offering many learning and rehabilitation opportunities. Statistics have shown without programs, inmates are more likely to return to an incarcerated facility. Once again, education is the key to rehabilitation and prevention. The Sheriff's Department is committed to continue its communication and education.

IMPACT: is a court ordered drug rehabilitation program taught by licensed and experienced counselors. At the discretion of the court, the inmate may participate in the custody portion of this program from fourteen to ninety days, with an average length of stay of forty days. Once released from custody, the inmate continues his drug treatment at one of several contracted drug treatment facilities.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department isn't undertaking these educational endeavors alone. They have partnered with other organizations to provide services for the students enrolled in their programs:

-Alcoholics Anonymous: conducts meetings twice a week.

-Narcotics Anonymous: conducts meetings once a week.

Contact Information: Public Information Officer - 661-295-8840,

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