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Find Out More About EBI Programs & Read a Message From EBI's Captain Victor Allende

November 3, 2017

A Message from EBI's Captain Victor Allende

Criminal justice officials across the country continue to struggle to

break the recidivism cycle in which inmates are released only to land

right back behind bars. These inmates are among the most poorly

educated people in the country, and that fact holds the key to a solution.

Decades of research has shown that inmates who participate in

corrections education programs even if they fail to earn degrees

are far more likely to stay out of the corrections system once they are freed.

Education programs for the incarcerated are highly cost effective as

confirmed by a 2013 RAND Corporation study covering 30 years of

corrections education research. Among other things, the study found

for every dollar spent on education for the incarcerated translated into

savings of $4 to $5 on imprisonment costs down the line.

Other studies suggest that corrections facilities with education programs

have fewer violent incidents, making it easier for officials to keep order,

and the children of people who complete college are more likely to do so

themselves, disrupting the typical pattern of poverty and incarceration.

It makes no sense to send someone to prison with no pathway for them to succeed.

One of the major goals of the Education Based Incarceration Unit is to

engage those incarcerated in Los Angeles County Jails in education

opportunities, whether obtaining high school diplomas, career technical

education (vocational training), or learning ways to productively structure

their time.

Please encourage your incarcerated loved ones to ask about the EBI

programs and opportunities.

Victor Allende, Captain

Inmate Services Bureau

Contact Information: Education Based Incarceration - (323) 526-5380,

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